15 coins = 15 games + tour
We are a private museum with interactive exhibits: with a few exceptions, all of our arcade machines are functioning and playable.
Other exhibits
Apart from arcade machines themselves, there are vending machines with the original Soviet soda, the legendary Voronezh-2 mixer for authentic Soviet milkshakes — the recipe hasn’t changed — and authentic coin-changing machines.

To learn a little more about the museum, you can watch a video tour here. The rest is in the museum!
The museum has the largest collection of functioning Soviet arcade games in the world.
of the machines
of them are unique models
of all types of the arcade games produced in the USSR
In 1969, the Soyuzattraction Association was created, which studied the entertainment industries in other countries in order to adapt and integrate foreign experience in the USSR. A year later, a Soviet delegation visited the production facilities and amusement parks of Japan, Germany and the USA with an introductory purpose...
How it all started in the USSR
When we interact with arcade machines, do we not simply play but are introduced to something bigger: the history of the game industry and technology.
Educational element
The gambling element in arcades was transformed in the USSR: a win was not rewarded with a cash prize. Instead, a deft player received either a bonus game or some sort of a gift, or, for example, a commemorative badge. In addition, the machines, according to their developers, helped master a good eye, reaction speed, logic and memory – all things that were central to the ideal Soviet citizen.
Other machines
The factories of the USSR produced a large number of vending machines. For example, Vending machines were made for newspapers, sunflower oil and even broth! Among the exhibits there is also a photo booth, a soda and kvass machine, and the Voronezh-2 mixer, which is still in use. Do have a sip of our legendary milkshake — the recipe is still the same!
m. Kuznetsky Most, Rozhdestvenka St, 12

Daily from 11 am to 9 pm

+ 7 (495) 628-45-15, ext. 1
Konyushennaya square, 2B

Daily from 11 am to 9 pm

+7 (812) 740-02-40
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Standard ticket — 850₽
Discounted ticket — 650₽
Entry is free for children under the age of 6

15 coins = 15 games + tour
school pupils, students, pensioners, disabled people, large families (with 3 or more children), combat veterans
If you are eligible for a discount, you must provide a supporting document.
If your child is under 6 years old, a separate entrance ticket for the child is not needed. In this case, however, no additional coins for the child are provided.
Eligible for discount
Eligible for discount
school pupils, students, pensioners, disabled people, large families (with 3 or more children), combat veterans


15 coins = 15 games for each + tour
It’s 25 years since the USSR imploded but in St Petersburg there are still plenty of places to experience the highs and lows of the communist era, some of which are looked upon nostalgically by Russians.

But what about other parts of the world? What did our far off neighbours have in their arcades, if anything at all? To try to get some insight, I recently spoke with Daria Zvereva the curator at The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games.
When you walk into the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games in St. Petersburg, the first thing you’ll see is a series of gray, hard-edged soda machines from the early 1980s.

Moscow's Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines offers a fun-packed, nostalgic trip down memory lane.